Oregon DEQ Fines Companies for Burning C&D Debris

State agency fines two Grants Pass, Ore., companies $5,587 over illegal burning and disposal of demolition debris.

March 6, 2013
CDR Staff
Legislation & Regulations

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has penalized two Grants Pass, Ore., companies a total of $5,887 over the illegal burning and disposal of demolition debris from a mobile home in there in January 2012.

DEQ issued a total of $5,012 in penalties to Moser Paving Inc. and an $875 penalty to Triangle M Enterprises Inc. The companies operate under the same president, C.J. Moser III.

The penalties stem from the open burning and improper disposal of waste resulting from the demolition of a mobile home in Grants Pass and the transportation and burning of the debris on property owned by Triangle M Enterprises.
DEQ issued penalties to Moser Paving for several violations:

  • Open burning of prohibited materials. During an inspection of the disposal site on Jan. 24, 2012, DEQ observed Moser Paving employees burning fiberglass, treated and pressurized wood, sheetrock, metal, plastic, asphalt roofing, numerous bags of garbage and carpet/vinyl material.
  • Disposing of solid waste at a property not permitted for solid waste disposal. During DEQ’s site inspection, a driver for Moser Paving arrived at the site with a dump truck of additional prohibited materials from another site, saying he was instructed to add these materials to the burn pile.
  • Allowing open burning of debris removed from the property of origin without a letter permitting such removal, as required.

DEQ’s $875 penalty to Triangle M Enterprises was for operating or maintaining a disposal site without first obtaining a solid waste disposal site permit from DEQ. The company had allowed more than 20 cubic yards of discarded materials from the mobile home demolition to accumulate at the site rather than taking action to have the material properly disposed of at a permitted solid waste disposal facility.

In assessing the penalties, DEQ noted that the companies have been the subject of numerous complaints of illegal open burning and solid waste disposal in Oregon, and that DEQ solid waste staff had been in conversation with the companies’ president, C.J. Moser III, informing him of state rules on open burning and solid waste disposal.
The companies have until March 6 to appeal their penalties.