New York man allegedly demolishes building without permit

New York man allegedly demolishes building without permit

An ice cream stand owner in Schenectady allegedly demolished a building to expand a parking lot.

August 9, 2017
CDR Staff
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A Schenectady, New York, walk up ice cream stand is accused of demolishing a neighboring building without permits, a report by the Daily Gazette says. Bumpy’s Polar Freeze demolished the building to make additional parking space.

The report says the stand had a few parking spots of its own and customers would usually park at the closed International House of Pancakes restaurant across the street. In October 2016, Schenectady County purchased the restaurant and announced plans to convert it into the new location for the county’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Since the project began, fencing has been installed, which prevents Bumpy’s customers from using the lot.

Stand owner David Elmendorf made plans to purchase the neighboring car wash in 2016 and in 2017, the purchase went through. The report says the building was demolished on July 15 and has since been replaced with a freshly paved lot and 15 to 20 new parking spaces, additional picnic tables and a small attendant’s hut that was originally part of the car wash.

But when city code officers went to the demolition site, they found the project had been completed without permits and issued a stop-work order that crews failed to comply with, the report says. The code violations are dated July 17. The state’s Department of Labor were also on-site and confirmed to the Daily Gazette that they received a complaint and issued a stop-work order.

According to the report, two dumpsters were found at the site containing wood and concrete building materials. The city is testing the contents for asbestos.

The city plans to proceed with a court action that could result in a fine or jail time.