New Orleans Housing Authority awards demo contract

Contract worth $437,000 awarded to Cross Environmental Services.

January 26, 2014
CDR Staff

CES Synergies, Crystal Springs, Fla., has announced that its Cross Environmental Services Inc. subsidiary has received a contract and permits to provide demolition and related services to Press Park for the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

The contract is valued at $437,800 and the project is expected to begin in late January or early February 2014 with an anticipated duration of less than 120 days. Press Park is located in the Katrina-ravaged Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

CES will provide structural demolition and asbestos abatement for the 150,000-square-foot housing complex. The project will be conducted under the guidelines set forth by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) with demolition debris directed toward recycling or landfill internment pursuant to applicable law and local standard, according to CES.

“We're happy to have this opportunity to work with the Louisiana Housing Authority,” says Al Biston, president of CES. “We recently completed a similar project for the Miami-Dade Housing Authority and we're pleased to have our demolition and remediation capabilities recognized through our selection for the Press Park project.”

CES Synergies Inc., through its Cross Environmental Services subsidiary, provides environmental contracting services and demolition and remediation services to commercial and industrial customers, as well as federal, state and municipal entities.