New Jersey to perform next round of Superstorm Sandy-related demolition projects

47 homes will be demolished as part of the state’s post-Sandy project

June 5, 2014
CDR Staff

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has announced that 47 Superstorm Sandy-damaged homes in Sayreville, New Jersey, will be beginning mid-June as part of the state’s $300 million Sandy Blue Acres Buyout Program. All of the demolition is expected to be complete by July.

Under the NJDEP's Blue Acres program, the state purchases Sandy-damaged dwellings in flood-prone areas from willing sellers at pre-storm values, with the properties to be returned to open space.

"The demolition of these houses is, of course, very emotional for their owners," says Richard Boornazian, NJDEP assistant commissioner for Natural and Historic Resources. "But it also marks progress in our continuing efforts to help these residents get a new start. We remain committed to assisting willing sellers as they go through the buyout process and helping them move on with their lives without having to worry about the next flood."

The demolition contracts have been bid through New Jersey’s Division of Property Management & Construction (DPMC).

In addition to Sayreville and South River, the NJDEP has either secured funding or is targeting funding for potential buyouts in Woodbridge, East Brunswick, Newark and the Delaware Bay community of Lawrence Township.

The NJDEP also has engaged in dialogue with officials and residents in other Sandy-impacted municipalities that are being considered for a next round of buyouts using a recently announced second round of federal Sandy buyout dollars.