NDA Offers Online Educational Videos

The National Demolition Association highlights its annual convention in a new video component on its website.

August 29, 2013
CDR Staff
Personnel Activity
The National Demolition Association (NDA) has posted video of a number of the educational presentations made at its 2013 annual convention on its website. The NDA videos cover educational topics such as disaster response, occupational safety and health, environmental stewardship and business management. 

“As a trade organization, we are committed through our education initiative to providing our members with the tools necessary to be leaders in professional competency,” says Michael Taylor, NDA’s executive director. “We’ve decided to share our presentations, not only with the NDA members who couldn’t attend the convention, but also with others who are involved in the demolition process, such as general contractors, civil engineering firms and recycling operations.” 

Taylor says the development of the new video section is one of a series of steps undertaken by the NDA’s education initiative. Other highlights include the development of what the association says is the nation’s first demolition specialization at Purdue University; the development and publication of the nation’s first demolition textbook, now in use at Purdue; and full revisions of the NDA Demolition Safety Manual, the HazCom Manual and the Demolition Safety Talks program.