MT2 achieves accreditation for industry compliance

MT2 achieves accreditation for industry compliance

Achilles awarded the Colorado-based reclamation company verified supplier certification for the Chemicals & Allied Industries Community.

September 18, 2017
CDR Staff

Arvada, Colorado-based Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2), a leading environmental soil remediation and firing range lead reclamation maintenance contractor for indoor and outdoor ranges, has been awarded certification in recognition of its expertise and compliance. The company has achieved verified supplier certification for the Chemicals & Allied Industries Community, awarded by risk management services supplier Achilles, Abington, United Kingdom.

The certification applies to MT2's scope of services related to groundwork/earthwork services, demolition services, environmental consulting, and have been checked and validated for the following criteria by Achilles Information Limited, an independent third party.

The accreditation confirms that MT2's products and services meet stringent standards in a range of criteria including supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, health and safety management, quality management, environmental management, carbon management, financial and insurance.

James M. Barthel, president, Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2), says, "Quality, compliance and exceptional standards are behind MT2's success, it was important to us to formalize these with a recognized certification. We have never received OSHA or EPA violations. In fact, not only does MT2 comply with regulations, we have also helped establish industry standards for environmental and safety methods. Achilles certification is highly respected within the chemicals and allied industries, and the standards required to achieve it reflect those we maintain at MT2. I am delighted to add this certification to the many accreditations proudly held by our firm."

The Chemicals & Allied Industries Community enables buying organizations in the sector to monitor and maintain due diligence requirements throughout their supply chain. To achieve verification, suppliers must submit detailed information relating to compliance and quality.

MT2 has provided professional, high-integrity solutions to over 1,500 public and private indoor and outdoor firing ranges for military, law enforcement and municipalities nationwide in all 50 States since 2000. 

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