MSS Inc. celebrates 40 years of innovation

MSS Inc. celebrates 40 years of innovation

The CP Group acquired the company in 2003.

April 22, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
The Nashville, Tenn.-based optical sorting equipment manufacturer MSS Inc. (formerly Magnetic Separation Systems) has announced its celebration of 40 years of developing and manufacturing optical sorting technologies, several of which are still use. 
The company was founded in 1974 by physicist Garry Kenny. In 1976, MSS released what it says is the first commercially successful eddy-current separator, the PULSORT, which was used to separate nonferrous materials from municipal waste. Subsequent products included the BottleSort for plastic bottle resin and color sorting and the PaperSort, the first commercially available optical paper sorter. 
Over the next four decades, MSS continued to optimize its equipment, the company says. The latest high-resolution sensors include the CIRRUS for near-infrared material sorting, the L-VIS for color and shape separation and the MetalSort for separating metals. 
“It is very unusual that a single company continually breaks ground as MSS does,” says Kenny. “By continually developing new technologies and exploring new applications, MSS has maintained its reputation as a leader in the optical sorting industry.” 
In 2003, MSS was acquired by the CP Group, a San Diego-based supplier of automated processing and sorting systems.
“In the 11 years since MSS joined the CP family of companies, we have continued that tradition of innovation," says Terry Schneider, CP Group COO and president. “The CP Group is committed to the highest standards of quality, and to offering our customers a variety of solutions and equipment. The merging of MSS and CP has been the perfect match.”
The CP Group consists of five companies: CP Manufacturing, Krause Manufacturing, MSS, IPS Balers and Advanced MRF. The company engineers, manufactures and installs MRFs for single-stream, construction and demolition, municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial recycling, as well as front-end waste-to-energy systems and eWaste recycling.


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