Minnesota agency fines demolition firm

Ramsey Excavating cited for improper removal of asbestos material.

January 31, 2014
CDR Staff
Demolition Legislation & Regulations

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has fined Ramsey Excavating, a Minneapolis-based demolition firm, for improper procedures to remove and contain asbestos-containing materials during the demolition of a commercial building in Minneapolis in 2013.

During the site of the demolition project, MPCA staff say they observed and documented visible emissions being generated by the demolition of one part of the property. Prior to demolition, the contractor had notified the MPCA that regulated asbestos-containing materials such as pipe and boiler insulation were present on that part of the property.

During the visit, MPCA staff say they observed dust leaving the site boundary and blowing into the adjoining street and nearby businesses. The contractor was spraying water on to the debris with a single fire hose, but it was inadequate in preventing dust from becoming airborne and leaving the site, according to MPCA.

MPCA staff also documented during the site visit that a debris pile that included asbestos-containing materials was not being processed for disposal in a timely manner as required.

In addition to paying a $10,000 penalty, Ramsey Excavating agreed to use proper containment practices to prevent release of particulate matter and to manage asbestos-containing materials and debris in a timely manner on future demolition jobs.