Moley introduces Claw Magnet

Attachment is designed to hold ferrous scrap in two different ways.

March 25, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products

Moley Claw MagnetMoley Magnetics Inc., Buffalo, N.Y., has introduced the Moley Claw Magnet, described as a “2-in-1 tool solution” for ferrous scrap recyclers.

According to Moley, the Claw Magnet is a fully enclosed hydraulic scrap magnet with two sets of claws. The company says the “robust and heavy-duty magnet [is] ideally suited for the demolition and scrap industry.”

The Claw Magnet comes in sizes ranging from 32 inches to 60 inches and it is designed to be simple to hook up and use, Moley Magnets says. The attachments consists of a “powerful and efficient magnet [and] extended scraping claws,” according to Moley. The claws will loosen up dirt, gravel and other debris, allowing access to clean metal pieces.

In addition to the Claw Magnet, Moley Magnetics Inc., a 20-year-old company, makes and supplies what it calls a complete inventory of electromagnets and accessories such as magnets, shears, grapples and track pads.

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