Mohawk ranks on ‘Newsweek’ 500 greenest companies list

Mohawk ranks on ‘Newsweek’ 500 greenest companies list

The flooring manufacturer uses recycled materials in its products.

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For the eighth consecutive year, Mohawk Industries, Calhoun, Georgia, has earned recognition as one of New York City-based Newsweek’s 500 greenest companies in the U.S. Mohawk says it is the only flooring manufacturer to make the list. The company ranked 265 in Newsweek’s 2017 Green Ranking program, which uses key indicators to measure environmental performance of large publicly traded companies that are delivering solid business results while minimizing their environmental impact. The rankings focus heavily on how efficiently businesses manage resources, which is a critical component of corporate sustainability.

Mohawk is a flooring manufacturer that uses recycled products in its production process.

“Our commitment to sustainability drives the way we design, innovate and manufacture flooring,” Brian Carson, president, Mohawk Flooring North America, says. “We are excited to be recognized yet again as one of Newsweek’s top green companies in the U.S. Mohawk is passionate about corporate sustainability and about extending our leadership role in the flooring industry to reduce our environmental impact. These values are the foundation of our innovations that delight customers, create meaningful jobs and give back to the communities in which we live and operate. Put simply, it allows us to grow our business profitably.”

Mohawk says it is building a waste-responsible culture on a facility-by-facility basis around the globe, and has recycled 5.5 million plastic bottles annually; used 25 million pounds of tires to manufacture doormats annually; and recycled 7.1 billion pounds of waste annually.

George Bandy, Mohawk’s vice president of sustainability, says the manufacturer continues to make great strides toward expanding its commitment to sustainability. “Across the business, we have taken important and innovative steps to reduce waste, lower water consumption, improve our energy efficiency and recycle resources to produce better products in better ways.”

Throughout North America, Mohawk says it has fine-tuned its domestic logistics from warehouses to transportation assets. Practices like route optimization and use of renewable fuel are driving sustainability, according to the company.

Mohawk has a zero landfill (ZLF) program, which began as a pilot in the company’s rug and mat business and has now been implemented at 44 production sites worldwide. The program has led to a 26 percent reduction in waste intensity since 2010, the company says.

“At Mohawk, we talk about a circular economy,” Bandy says. “We believe in broadening our network of technical solutions and keeping materials out of landfills. We do this by manufacturing products with cleaner materials that produce less waste as well as by giving existing materials a longer, more productive life. Through programs and projects that reuse and recycle flooring, we’re shrinking our industry’s environmental footprint.”