Meridian Waste Solutions completes performance testing for bio-based composite

Meridian Waste subsidiary Attis Innovations reports strong performance results for its lignin-based resins.

February 7, 2018
Edited by Adam Redling
Construction Demolition Mixed C&D Wood/biomass

Meridian Waste Solutions Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, announced the successful completion of performance testing for lignin-based resins produced by the company’s patent-pending lignin polymer process.

The product is a flowable resin extender that has shown positive mechanical properties and processing characteristics for the plastics market. At 15-25 percent inclusion rates, the product retains 100 percent of the tensile modulus, 100 percent of the impact strength and over 90 percent of the tensile modulus in composites using polypropylene and polyethylene, the company says. Moving on a rapid development curve, the company’s offering meets a host of applications, including automotive components, agricultural products, building and construction and other durable goods.

With a commodity plastics market expected to reach $493 billion by 2022, Attis Innovations, Atlanta, offers a cost-effective point of differentiation. Attis Lignin is a product that retains the high performance and processing demands of the resin while reducing the overall cost to brand owners. The thermoplastic product allows for composites to be highly loaded without losing the ability to fill large and complex shapes.

“This is a great addition to our lignin polymer business,” Jeff Cosman, Meridian’s CEO, says. “We will continue to advance our unique bio-based product to reach higher loading levels as well as to expand our market opportunities. As exemplified by our recent and planned acquisitions, our $3 million grant award from the USDA and the results displayed in this release, Attis Innovations is on course to achieve great success and to lead in the production of high-performance, low-cost materials produced from renewable sources.”