North Carolina city holds hearing on proposed C&D landfill

Maysville, N.C., facility would recycle C&D debris and landfill remaining material.

December 18, 2013
CDR Staff

The North Carolina Division of Waste Management (NCDWM) held a public hearing in early December 2013 on a proposed construction and demolition (C&D) landfill.

Green Recycling Solutions LLC, applied for a Permit to Construct a Construction and Demolition (C&D) Landfill facility located at 11710 NC Highway 17, near White Oak River Rd., in Maysville, Jones County, N.C. According to the permit notification, the Maysville Construction and Demolition Landfill (C&DLF) would have an operational life of approximately 30 years, segmented into six phases that would provide approximately five years of service each. At complete build-out, the facility would cover a total area of approximately 16 acres with a total disposal capacity of approximately 602,102 cubic yards. Once compliance with the conditions of the Permit to Construct and the North Carolina Solid Waste Management Rules is demonstrated and certified, the applicant may submit an application for a Permit to Operate the landfill, according to the document.

The permit notification states that in developing the property, Green Recycling Solutions LLC was issued a Treatment and Processing (T&P) Permit to Construct in February 2013 for a C&D material recovery operation at the same location. The material recovery operation would serve to reduce the amount of waste material disposed in the C&D landfill. As proposed, the C&D landfill will only receive wastes that have been processed through the material recovery operation.

According to the document, the proposed Maysville C&D landfill would be the first landfill constructed in North Carolina that complies with North Carolina General Statutes 130A - 295.6 enacted in 2007. The statute requires, in addition to other design elements, a flexible membrane liner system and a leachate collection system.

During the initial five-year phase of operation, the C&D recovery operation is projected to receive a maximum annual amount of approximately 99,750 tons of waste or approximately 350 tons per day in year five of the initial Permit to Operate. The applicant projects a material recovery rate of approximately 87 percent at that point that would leave an expected annual amount for disposal of approximately 15,390 tons of waste or approximately 54 tons of waste per day. Over the projected life of the landfill, the projected maximum projected annual disposal tonnage is 17,100 tons.

The public hearing was part of the 45-day comment period on the draft permit. A copy of the draft permit is available at