MagneGas lands four contracts

Company secures demo projects in Ohio, Michigan, New York and Washington, D.C.

March 25, 2014
CDR Staff
Commodities Demolition

MagneGas Corp., Tampa, Fla., a developer of a technology that converts liquid waste into hydrogen-based fuels, is providing fuel for torch cutting operations at four demolition projects. The four projects have been sourced through the existing MagneGas distributors Blue Water Industrial, New Baltimore, Mich., and AWISCO Corp. of New York.

The projects where the fuel will be used include a project to demolish a bridge in Washington, D.C.; demolition projects at automobile manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Michigan; and a demolition job at a power plant in New York.

"We are very pleased to be the preferred fuel for cutting on these demolition jobs," says Terry Vernille, MagneGas’ executive vice president of sales. "With the help of two major distributors, Blue Water Industrial and AWISCO Corp, we have the capability of providing our fuel for these key projects. As word continues spreading in the demolition industry about our superior cutting fuel, we expect an increased demand around the country."

Victor Furhman, vice president of sales and marketing for AWISCO Corp, says, "Since bringing MagneGas to AWISCO we have gained positive traction in the market. Having the ability to supply a better alternative metal cutting fuel in the market for customers is an added benefit for AWISCO. This customer in New York was already a customer of MagneGas in Florida so it was an easy transition switching them over from acetylene."

"Our customer in Ohio has used MagneGas fuel on multiple job sites already and continues the demand on future projects," says Steve Olson, vice president of Blue Water Industrial. "As word continues to get out with the improved production and speed of cut, we expect the demand for MagneGas to continue upward."