Machinex Introduces the Mach Ballistic

Screen designed to separate 2D material from 3D material.

November 13, 2012
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products
The Machinex Group, based in Plessisville, Quebec, Canada, has introduced the latest addition to its range of separators, the Mach Ballistic. The ballistic separator is a European sorting technology that recently has been growing popularity in North America.  
“Machinex is recognized in the industry for the quality of its separators and, as a leader, we wanted to be able to offer this sorting technology to our clientele at a competitive price,” Pierre Paré, president of the Machinex Group, says of the Mach Ballistic separator. “Our research and development department has designed a machine that perfectly responds to all requirements of the sorting facilities as well as meeting all reliability and durability standards of the Machinex trademark.”
The Mach Ballistic separator is designed for sorting two-dimensional material, such as plastic film, paper, cardboard and fibers, from three-dimensional material, such as, containers, plastic bottles, cans, stone and wood. While the 2D material travels up the slope in a forward direction with the paddles, the 3D material bounces or rolls downward.  Fine particles can be collected separately with the optional variable screen openings, according to the company.
This separator is designed to handle different material types, including single-stream, municipal solid waste and commercial and industrial material. Multiple Mach Ballistic separators can be stacked or installed parallel to one another to address various sorting challenges, Machinex says. 
According to Machinex, in addition to offering high performance in terms of material screening quality, the Mach Ballistic requires little in the way of maintenance. 
“With the Mach Ballistic, we are offering a sorting solution adapted to the actual market,” Paré says.
During the summer of 2012, the Machinex Group installed its first Mach Ballistic separators at Récupération Frontenac, a sorting facility near Machinex’ manufacturing plant. Since then, Machinex has installed the equipment at Randy’s Sanitation in Minnesota as well as at Broome Recycling in New York. 
Bert Adams, president of Broome Recycling, says, “I can testify that since the installation of the Machinex Ballistic separator, we noticed an upgrade in the paper quality. We believe that this machine is built to last. It has fewer removable parts, which will require less maintenance and provide further long-term durability.”
Jim Wollschlager, operations manager at Randy’s Sanitation, says, “Our primary focus at Randy’s was to be able to process both residential single stream as well as MSW due to our new organics blue bag program. Conventional screening technologies appeared more labor and maintenance intensive specifically because of the film and bags.” He adds, “The Mach Ballistic answered our concerns and proved to be a very efficient means to separate the three fractions of fiber, containers and fines.”