Liebherr earns German Design Award

Liebherr earns German Design Award

The T46-7 telescopic handler and XPower wheel loaders receive awards in the “Excellent Product Design” category.

November 28, 2017
RTGE Staff
Equipment & Products

The Liebherr Group, with corporate headquarters in Bulle, Switzerland, has announced it has received the 2018 German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design” category for its T46-7 telescopic handler and its XPower L 550 to L 586 wheel loaders.

Liebherr says judges were impressed by the “optimal visibility and the dynamic appearance of the telescopic handler, as well as the intelligent and functional design of the XPower wheel loaders.” The German Design Award is one of the most highly recognized design competitions worldwide, says the equipment manufacturer.

More than 5,000 submissions are observed during a two-day judging session at the German Design Awards.

Liebherr presented one of its eight new T46-7 telescopic handler models that are available in 26 versions.

“The application-specific demands required by telescopic handler operators resulted in the final design criteria for the new Liebherr telescopic handlers. The Liebherr developers placed the main focus on creating optimal visibility as well as intuitive and convenient operation,” says Liebherr.

“The overall machine design was aimed at ensuring maximum visibility of the load at the front to give enhanced productivity, as well as to the side and rear, for maximum safety,” the company explains. “This was primarily achieved thanks to the very low pivot point of the telescopic boom, as well as the sloping sides of the handler and an engine hood that follows the line of sight. With its continuous windscreen and internal slim-line ROPS/FOPS grid, adapted to the operator’s sight line, the cab design also helps ensure maximum visibility of the load.”

The company continues, “Additional design focus was placed on intuitive operation, comfort and ergonomics. The 5-in-1 joystick fitted in the Value models and the multifunctional joystick in the S-models, make it possible to perform all essential work functions with single-arm operation. This means the left hand stays securely on the steering wheel at all times, which is important in guaranteeing safe and efficient work.”

The German Design Award is the third design price that Liebherr has been awarded for its wheel loaders, including the iF and Red Dot prizes.