Oregon DEQ Holds Hearing on Permit Modification for Cogen Plant

Department seeks input from the public on Lakeview Cogeneration’s plan to use biomass-fired turbines to produce energy.

July 23, 2013
CDR Staff
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) held a public hearing on July 18 to discuss an air quality permit modification requested by Lakeview Cogeneration LLC for its facility in Lakeview, Ore. The company aims to use biomass-fired turbines to produce electricity. 

The public has until Aug. 22, 2013 to submit comments on the proposed draft permit modifications.

The facility was first issued a permit on Sept. 14, 2010. The company is seeking a modification to allow the plant to increase its emissions limit from 14 tons per year to 32 tons per year. 

Lakeview Cogeneration is proposing to install and operate a biomass-fired cogeneration facility in Lakeview. The steam generated in the biomass-fired facilities will be converted to electricity in a steam turbine generator. The permit would require the facility to monitor pollutants using federally approved monitoring practices and standards, including a continuous opacity (visible) emissions monitor and continuous emissions monitors for nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. The permittee also is required to conduct an initial performance test for demonstrating compliance with particulate matter standards. 

The facility is required to submit an annual report with records of annual steam production and annual pollutant emissions determined each month, as well as other notifications and reports as applicable. The permittee is required to calculate facility-wide emissions and submit an emissions report each year. Onsite inspections will be conducted to assure compliance with emission limitations.

According to the DEQ, once Lakeview Cogeneration commences construction of the cogeneration unit, it must undertake the following:
  • Accept Lakeview’s chipped, clean land-clearing debris that meets the permittee’s fuel specifications and can be combusted in accordance with the terms of the permit;
  • Contribute $7,500 per calendar year for five years to the city of Lakeview for implementation of community emission reduction strategies related to residential wood-fired heating devices; and
  • Implement one of three mitigation packages listed in permit condition of the draft permit.