Remnants of Cleveland power plant imploded

Remnants of Cleveland power plant imploded

More than 200 pounds of explosives were used to bring down the smoke stack and boiler house of FirstEnergy's Lake Shore power plant.

February 24, 2017
CDR Staff
Concrete and Aggregates Demolition

The remnants of Akron, Ohio-based FirstEnergy’s Lake Shore power plant in Cleveland were demolished on the morning of Feb. 24, a report by says. The 306-foot brick and concrete smokestack and 170-foot boiler house were imploded by more than 200 pounds of explosives.

The explosives demolition team from Tulsa, Oklahoma, imploded the buildings after rebar and concrete had been removed to direct the building’s angle of collapse, the report says. Dust suppression systems that included fans and spraying water helped contain the concrete and dirt dust.

According to a previous report, the power plant opened in 1911 and was used to provide electricity to the city. It closed in April 2015. Environmental remediation, including hazardous materials removal, asbestos and fly ash, took place in fall of 2016, with the abatement costing around $10 million and ash removal costing $350,000.

Total demolition costs are at around $15 million, a separate report says. There were 60 employees at the facility when it closed, who were re-assigned.

The company, who continues to own the site, plans to re-grade and grass the property, the report says. An electrical substation and other equipment will remain on 3 acres of the 60-acre site.

Watch a video of the implosion below: