Krause Relocates Manufacturing Operations

Supplier's sales, engineering, parts and service offices will remain in Washington.

June 11, 2013
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Krause Manufacturing, Bellingham, Wash., a division of the CP Group,  will move its equipment manufacturing operations to the CP Group’s headquarters in San Diego. Krause will keep offices in Bellingham for sales, engineering, parts and service.

In a release, CP notes that it has made significant investments in its San Diego manufacturing plant by moving locations at the end of 2012, increasing space from 50,000 square feet to 120,000 square feet on 12 acres of land. CP also made substantial improvements to its production process by investing in modernized fabricating equipment to stream-line its manufacturing process.

“The Krause line of equipment will maintain the same high standards of design, production and engineering expertise, now capable of leveraging the manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies we have invested in our new CP facility in San Diego,” says Terry Schneider, CP Group president and COO.

Krause, which was established in 1963, began as a manufacturer of custom agricultural equipment, later entering the recycling equipment market.

“We are celebrating Krause’s 50th anniversary this year. The legacy of Krause’s brand and reputation for great design standards, outstanding customer service and very dependable equipment will live on in our new manufacturing location,” says Mike Whitney, Krause Manufacturing’s vice president and general manager.

The move will take place July 1. Krause Bellingham office address is 316 East McLeod Rd., Ste. #1. CP Group’s San Diego headquarters is located at 795 Calle de Linea.

Krause manufactures heavy duty recycling equipment and systems for construction and demolition, municipal solid waste and front-end system solutions for waste conversion technologies, as well as single stream and electronic waste systems. More information is available at