Komptech Introduces Drum Screens

Komptech Introduces Drum Screens

The company’s Cribus series comes with Wheelgrip technology.

October 23, 2012
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Komptech, with a U.S. office in Denver, has introduced a new Cribus series of drum screens that come with the company’s patented “Wheelgrip” technology. The larger two models, the Cribus 3800 and the Cribus 5000, have a drive system that consists of four electronically driven wheels and a fifth wheel that provides downward pressure if the machine senses drum slippage.

Komptech says the feature will result in a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption, reduced costs for wear parts and minimal down time. With no changes chains and sprockets, changing between drums has been reduced to five minutes.

Komptech adds that the Cribus “Wheelgrip” system offers more flexibility in drum speed. With frequency-controlled electric motors, drum speed can be adjustable between eight and 20 revolutions per minute, allowing customers to adjust the speed for varying materials.

Along with the “Wheelgrip” the Cribus line comes with hybrid technology, which allows customers to plug into ground power, further reducing operating costs.

More information is available at www.komptechusa.com.