Kobelco Launches SK350LC Excavator

The new excavator has been designed for heavy-duty applications.

July 23, 2013
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products
Kobelco Construction Machinery USA, headquartered in Houston, has introduced the SK350LC model to its line of excavators. Kobelco says the SK350 is among the company’s largest crawler excavator models and is well equipped to provide operators with the power and efficiency they seek.

The 81,800-pound SK350 model has been engineered for heavy-duty applications. The crawler excavator’s 270 horsepower, Tier IC HINO engine is fuel efficient, and delivers significant operational cost savings for a machine in the same size class. The excavator also features an improved hydraulic system that reduces energy loss, providing better all-around performance on the job.

Combined with three engine modes -- heavy, standard and economic -- operators can switch between maximum power and low fuel consumption based on the job. Each mode is easily selected through a single button in the operator’s cab, which can be changed as often as necessary throughout the course of the workday, according to the company.

In addition to fuel economy and power, the SK350 has a digging force of 50,582 pounds, a dig depth of close to 25 feet, a 1.57- to 2.09-cubic-yard bucket and a swing speed of 10.0 rpm.

Kobelco says the SK350 includes proprietary intelligent control system, which ensures smooth engagement and disengagement across all machine functions. The excavator’s heavy lift mode can be enabled when extra lift capacity is needed, while power boost gives operators 10 percent more power for additional digging capability with no time limit. 

The SK350 also comes standard with Kobelco’s exclusive independent travel feature, which allows the excavator to travel, dig and lift simultaneously without experiencing a loss of power, according to the company. Kobelco says this makes the excavator both versatile and safe to operate across a wide variety of applications, and eliminates the need to supplement a contractors’ fleet with other types of carriers.

Kobelco’s SK350 is made from forged and cast steel materials with reinforced high stress areas on the arm and boom, wide welds and a standard rock guard for added protection. Self-lubricating bushings at the attachment pins and abrasion resistant bushings near the bucket are included to further enhance durability.

For more information on Kobelco Construction Machinery USA or Kobelco products, visit www.kobelco-USA.com or call 281-888-8430.