DOJ Indicts New York Hydro-Demolition Firm

Crane-Hogan Structural Systems is accused of violating the Clean Water Act.

June 5, 2013
CDR Staff
Legislation & Regulations

Richard Hartunian, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorney for the Northern District of New York, has announced the indictment of Mark Pullyblank, Caledonia, N.Y.; William Clements, Victor, N.Y.; and Crane-Hogan Structural Systems Inc., Spencerport, N.Y., which employs Pullyblank and Clements.

The three defendants are charged in a nine count felony Indictment with discharging untreated industrial waste-water from a hydro-demolition process into the Susquehanna River without a permit in violation of the Clean Water Act.
Crane-Hogan is engaged in hydro-demolition in which high pressure water is used to remove concrete from buildings such as parking garages prior to resurfacing. The wastewater from the process contains a slurry of industrial waste including remnants of concrete with a high pH. Pullyblank and Clements were project supervisors in charge of demolition projects at the Binghamton Governmental Center Parking Garage and Johnson City Wilson Hospital Parking Garage throughout 2008 and 2009.

The Clean Water Act prohibits the discharge of pollutants into waters without approved wastewater treatment and a permit, or into a permitted publically owned treatment works, unless in compliance with an approved pretreatment program.

This case is being investigated by Investigators with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Bureau of Environmental Crimes Investigations and Special Agents of the Environmental Protection Agency. Assistance with this case has been provided by the New York State Office of General Services, the Binghamton City Engineer, and the Binghamton-Johnson City Publically Owned Treatment Works.