Interface Partners with California Carpet Recycler

The Carpet Recyclers will help the carpet manufacturer expand its recycling network.

May 8, 2012
CDR Staff
Carpet Commodities

The carpet manufacturing firm Interface, headquartered in LaGrange, Ga., has finalized a strategic partnership with The Carpet Recyclers, a La Mirada, Calif.-based carpet recycling business that operates throughout the West Coast. Since being established two years ago The Carpet Recyclers has collected more than 150 million pounds of used carpet.

In completing its deal with The Carpet Recyclers, Interface will be looking to expand its ReEntry carpet recycling system, which aims to develop a network of carpet recyclers in regional hubs throughout North America.
Interface’s ReEntry program was developed in 2007 as an efficient way to recover type 6 and 6,6 nylon fiber for recycling.

"In a nutshell, Interface's goal is to close the loop on our raw materials supply chain, and in our case that means we're working toward eliminating use of petroleum in our products,” says John Wells, president of Interface Americas.

“It also means," he adds, "the alternative non-virgin materials we use in place of oil must be plentiful and readily available, and so we've turned to recycling and processing not only our own end-of-use carpet tiles, but those of other manufacturers, along with the broadloom discards of the entire industry. The technology in place in our own ReEntry facility is able to transform this flooring trash into reusable fiber that goes back into producing our new products. It closes the loop."

Interface says that a scarcity of post-consumer nylon is limiting the company’s key yarn suppliers is a main reason for the company launching its ReEntry expansion initiative in 2011.

"Broadening ReEntry to encompass regional hubs across the U.S. and Canada just makes the most sense. There's no environmental saving in having to ship weighty carpet discards cross-country for recycling. So, the reduction in shipping costs and fuel needs is another reason we're pursuing satellite ReEntry operations," Wells adds. "We know each relationship we develop in this quest may be different, but it's become an imperative if we are to keep up with demand and keep the supply chain well-greased."

Larry Fink, president of The Carpet Recyclers, says his company is considering a possible expansion that will duplicate its facility throughout the Western United States.

Wells says Interface also is interested in broadening its reach, so the new strategic partnership may be spawning that future growth, as well.