Imax theatre in Spokane, Washington, slated for demolition

Demolition will make way for improvements to Riverfront Park.

October 18, 2017
CDR Staff
Garco Construction, Spokane, Washington, has reportedly applied for six demolition permits for buildings in that city’s Riverfront Park as part of renovations.

An article in the Spokesman-Review, notes the Imax theatre is among the buildings to come down along with its its annex, the cover for the ice rink and the east pavilion in November.

West Administration Building building between the Imax and pavilion will undergo partial demolition. The Imax theatre had reportedly seen its revenues decline in recent years. A new pavilion is being planned for the park which is expected to have its preliminary design voted on by the park board in November.

The design for the new park will include illumination and elevation elements.