Historic New Jersey home saved from demolition

The Avalon home, built in 1895, has been deconstructed and will be rebuilt in a new spot.


A construction crew recently began dismantling a historic home in Avalon, New Jersey, Feb. 9, a report by the Philadelphia Inquirer says. The house, which was built in 1895, was saved from demolition after a successful preservation campaign.

A developer purchased the property in November with plans to demolish it. Adrienne Scharnikow, who spent childhood summers in the house before her parents sold the property in 1996, spearheaded the campaign to save it. Scharnikow asked borough officials to help but was told homeowners are typically responsible for preservation efforts. She then turned to social media for her efforts. SJ Hauck Movers, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, offered to relocate the building for $83,000. The developer agreed to sell the property to Sharnikow for $1.

A crew of 15 movers worked to deconstruct the house. Steven Hauck, owner of SJ Hauck Movers, says in the report his crew had two weeks to elevate the house on cribbing piles, roll it to the back of the property to make room for the crane and remove the walls and roof. They used the crane to hoist a claw-foot bathtub, took apart second-story walls and detached the cupola and roof. The materials were placed in a parking lot one mile away from the project site.

The report says the first floor and wrap-around porch were attached to a truck and moved to a storage facility in Egg Harbor Township on Feb. 10.

Scharnikow says in the report that she is still looking for a spot to rebuild the house, but the materials can sit in storage for up to four months.

The house will be replaced with a new multimillion dollar Jersey Shore mansion.