General Kinematics introduces Barrier line

Equipment maker says using Barrier’s data can help companies better maintain equipment and avoid downtime.

February 6, 2018
Edited by Megan Workman
Equipment & Products

General Kinematics, Crystal Lake, Illinois, has introduced Barrier, a vibratory equipment monitoring device. The Barrier line includes Apex, Vertex and Nomadx.

General Kinematics says in a press release announcing the product line, “Have you experienced downtime? Even the smallest amount can be a financial drain. This year General Kinematics is ending the cycle of downtime with Barrier. The newest release from General Kinematics provides three levels of equipment tracking that can be customized to your process.”

The company says using data Barrier provides helps companies to better maintain their equipment and avoid downtime.

Apex is a device that can fit in the user’s pocket to travel with the maintenance team and can be placed on any vibratory equipment to track vibrations, strokes, frequencies and other traits, says General Kinematics. Apex connects with General Kinematics’ free smartphone app and opens into a smart device, allowing users to view their equipment’s data in real time.

The company says highlights of Apex include planning maintenance schedules based on real data; replacing parts prefailure, saving money; and easily sending data to General Kinematics’ field service team.

Vertex is capable of monitoring equipment 24/7, transmitting this data to the user’s personal Barrier Portal. The Vertex can send text alerts to the user’s phone to warn if anything is amiss. It detects potential overload conditions, lower performance rates and more.

General Kinematics says highlights of Vertex include being alerted the moment an issue arises as well as its 24/7 equipment monitoring.

Nomadx is an all-new segment of General Kinematics’ field service department that is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing equipment performance data, the company says.

“Our nomadic field service team will assist you with analyzing your data, monitoring your equipment and implementing maintenance to keep your equipment running smoothly around the clock,” General Kinematics says.

Highlights of Nomadx include data management and having experienced professionals available to analyze data to help to solve process or production throughput issues.