Franklin Miller Introduces the Taskmaster TM2300 Shredder

Unit is capable of shredding a wide variety of materials.

August 18, 2010
Equipment & Products

Franklin Miller, Livingston, N.J., has introduced the Taskmaster TM2300 shredder. The company says it is a versatile unit capable of shredding a wide variety of materials.

Using counter-rotating banks of intermeshing cutters, the twin-shaft shredder is designed to reduce bulk solids up to 80 percent, according to a press release. The unit handles such applications as biomass, bottles, cans, packaging, plastic, wood, paper, hard drives and waste-to-energy.
The TM2300 cuts storage and disposal costs, reduces landfill costs, aids in safe disposal and recycling of off-spec materials and waste and enhances processing, according to the company.
The Taskmaster is built for minimal maintenance, the company says. It has a fully enclosed dust-tight body of heavy structural steel. Hardened and ground cutter disks and spacers ride on two parallel hex shafts. The cutters counter-rotate at differing speeds, intermeshing one with another. The split-body frame design allows easy access to the cutters, the company adds. In addition, this feature allows fast removal of the complete cutter assembly as a whole from the top of the unit.
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