Florida planning commission denies C&D facility project

The Sarasota County commission was concerned with the truck traffic the proposed facility would bring to the area.

June 2, 2017
CDR Staff
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The Sarasota County, Florida, Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend a denial to the county commission for a construction and demolition (C&D) recycling facility near a popular wildlife and recreation area, a report by the Herald Tribune says. Protesters gathered at the meeting on June 1 to voice their opposition for the plans.

Truck traffic ultimately affected the decision, the report says, because the road the proposed facility would use is already burdened with heavy amounts of traffic.

The facility, which was proposed by local investor Jim Gabbert on behalf of TST Ventures LLC in Sarasota, would process C&D debris such as wood, scrap metal and large slabs of concrete. TST Ventures already owns 4 acres on the site that were approved for a waste transfer station and is under contract to buy another 12 to expand the area for the 16-acre project into one campus.

The open-aired facility would run from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday and would be required to mitigate dust, not allow debris piles taller than 35 feet and would require tree buffers and fences to block sight of the piles. According to the report, modern equipment would muffle any noises.

The acreage also falls in Celery Fields, a wildlife and recreation area that was restored in the mid-1990s for more than $20 million. Protestors were concerned with the proposed facility polluting the area.