Fairbanks Scales releases FB2558 weighing instrument

Fairbanks Scales releases FB2558 weighing instrument

Manufacturer says the FB2558 offers faster processing power, an updated operating system and more memory.

March 12, 2018
Edited by DeAnne Toto
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Fairbanks Scales Inc., Kansas City, Missouri, the has released what it says is the “new and improved” FB2550 instrument, the FB2558). According to the company, the unit maintains an industry leading feature set while incorporating faster processing power, an updated operating system and more memory.

Up to five FB2558 instruments can be networked, sharing transactional data and traffic light controls from up to eight scale platforms. Transaction data are shared among each networked instrument, the company says.

The FB2558 features an integrated web utility that, according to Fairbanks Scales, gives technicians complete access to all menu options, including calibration, with a user-friendly, web-accessible interface. All configuration and calibration functions can be performed from a connected laptop or tablet using an Ethernet crossover cable or an existing network. When used with Fairbanks’ Remote Configuration Device (RCD), a technician can calibrate the FB2558 from the scale platform, eliminating the need to travel between the platform and instrument to test and calibrate the scale system, the manufacturer says.

With the FB2558 users can automatically email transactional data or trouble codes. Daily transaction data can be exported automatically to a shared user-defined network folder at the end of the day. Load cell diagnostics data can be viewed, printed, exported or emailed. 

Also standard on the new FB2558 is short or long platform Axlematic software, which enables customers to secure axle weights along with total vehicle weight to ensure compliance with Department of Transportation requirements. IP camera interface capabilities round out the new features.