Eye Trax wireless camera offers remote job site monitoring

The Ranger Series construction camera is powered by a solar panel.

April 11, 2014
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Eye Trax, a Charlotte, N.C.-based manufacturer of wireless outdoor security cameras, has launched the Eye Trax Ranger Series construction camera. The wireless, cellular-based surveillance camera has been designed for remote security monitoring of construction jobsites, the company says.

Indefinitely powered by a 14-inch by 14-inch solar panel, the Ranger Series camera has motion-sensing and night vision capabilities, and is controlled by a web-based user interface or mobile phone application.

Eye Trax President Jerry McSorley, says, “Eye Trax has designed the best job site surveillance camera for today’s construction industry by considering all the factors involved from high definition time-lapse video, security camera measures, web-based software, mobile-based applications, infrastructure requirements and installation.”

McSorley continues, “Eye Trax Ranger Series Cameras use the available cellular network in order to transmit pictures, eliminating the need for the infrastructure of a computer, phone line, internet connection, router and power, which is required for the traditional wireless cameras. Features like solar power generation and cellular transmission make these cameras truly an ‘off-grid’ and reliable solution for the construction industry.”

The Eye Trax Ranger Series Camera is a motion-activated camera system that uses an integrated passive infrared sensor (PIR) that measures changes in “thermal activity” in the camera viewing area, the company says. A PIR creates an invisible thermal grid in front of the construction camera viewing area, which triggers the motion-activated camera to start taking pictures, according to Eye Trax.

The web-based software used to control the Ranger Series Cameras is the central location for contractors to manage their remote job site monitoring system, including viewing multiple cameras from a single screen, Eye Trax says. Users can access the user interface to view all pictures by date and time, request a live image, create and archive time-lapse videos, overlay two pictures for detailed comparison, and place text and draw on pictures.

For more information about Eye Trax Ranger Series Construction Cameras, visit www.eyetrax.com or call 800-594-4157800-594-4157.