ESCO Corp. Develops New Hydraulic Coupler

ESCO Corp. Develops New Hydraulic Coupler

Connection and release of attachments can be done without leaving the cab.

November 27, 2012
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

ESCO Corp., Portland, Ore., a global provider of wear parts and attachments for the mining and construction industries, has developed a hydraulic coupler that it says gives machine operators a simple connection to attachments and provides enhanced site safety.

The ESCO PosiGrab coupler features both front and rear locks that are mechanically engaged through the full working cycle. The natural position of the coupler is locked and only opens using forced hydraulic pressure.

The connection and release of an attachment, including the visual confirmation that the locking mechanisms are engaged, is done without the operator leaving the safety of the cab.

Along with the safety and ease-of-use benefits, the company says the PosiGrab coupler was engineered to reduce stress on attachments and machines.

ESCO Corp. operates in 21 countries, including an expansive network of 34 manufacturing facilities and 48 sales and distribution offices. More information is available at