Eriez’ HVF feeders designed for high volumes of bulk materials

Eriez’ HVF feeders designed for high volumes of bulk materials

Feeders built to withstand difficult operating conditions.

January 30, 2014
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Eriez, based in Erie, Pa., says its HVF mechanical feeders are simple and rugged vibrating machines that move high volumes of bulk materials reliably and economically. The low-profile feeders have a compact, straight-line design and quick flow rate for optimal performance, the company adds.

The Eriez HVF mechanical feeder is a spring-coupled, two-mass vibrating system with a motor-driven eccentric shaft. The hand-wheel adjustable variable-speed sheaves help to achieve an accurate control of flow rate for the feeders, which can be up to 60 feet per minute. HVF Feeders also can control up to 2,000 tons of material per hour.

The feeder’s adjustable-angle rubber springs can be removed and replaced in less than two minutes and are designed to amplify the trough stroke, resulting in low horsepower requirements, says the company. The motion of the troughs can be adjusted to accommodate the flow rate for specific applications and a variety of trough sizes and types are available.

A standard three-phase motor mounted behind the base frame of the HVF feeder is belt connected to the factory set variable-pitch sheave, which drives the eccentric shaft at about 1,100 rpm. The vibratory motion created by the shaft is amplified by the polyisoprene springs to which the tray is connected.

“These high quality units are built to last,” says Rob Yandrick, Eriez product manager—vibratory. “The heavy-duty construction of the HVF Feeders will guarantee this product has a long life at your plant, even under the most difficult operating conditions.”

The following video of an Eriez HVF Feeder in action at Carmeuse Lime & Stone in Middletown, Va., can be viewed here. 

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