Eriez Develops Eco-Certification Program

Company will highlight the environmental benefits of its magnetic separation, feeding and recycling equipment.

June 7, 2011
Recycling Today Staff

Erie, Pa.-based Eriez has developed an eco-certification designation for a variety of the company’s magnetic separation and recycling equipment as well as for its line of small feeders. According to Eriez, the self-certified program was put in place in October 2010 and will expand to the company's other product categories after an internal analysis.

According to Eriez, the equipment identified by its Eco-Certified program has met several criteria:

  • The product has a positive effect on recycling processes and the recycling industry.
  • The equipment is manufactured with energy-savings features, including the use of energy-free permanent magnets.
  • All equipment is built in an Eriez facility that focuses on recycling consumables, lowering energy use and reducing solid waste.
  • An electronic, paperless format is used to promote the equipment and, when printed marketing materials are produced, recycled paper is used.
  • Eriez has incorporated a digital workflow to reduce its dependence on paper. Customers can access most product information through Eriez’s website,

The Eco-Certified equipment comprises magnetic separation products. The designation also applies to the company’s line of ProGrade Magnetic Separators.

The Eriez Eco-Certification also extends to the company’s ProSort, ProSort II and FinesSort metals recovery systems and eddy current separators. The equipment is designed for processing municipal solid waste, commingled recyclables, shredded automobile, electronic scrap, glass cullet, plastic, foundry sand and many other resource recovery operations.

Additionally, Eriez’ line of Hi-Vi electromagnetic feeders is Eco-Certified.