EPA and T. Miozzi Inc. reach settlement

Rhode Island asphalt producer will pay a $23,700 penalty related to air emissions.

August 3, 2014
CDR Staff
Concrete and Aggregates Legislation & Regulations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reached a settlement with T. Miozzi Inc., an asphalt maker based in Coventry, Rhode Island, to help bring the company into compliance with its Clean Air Act permit.

As part of the settlement T. Miozzi Inc. will pay a penalty of $23,700 to settle EPA claims that it operated its hot mix asphalt plant in violation of an air permit issued by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM). The settlement requires that the company comply with its air permit and provide a report to EPA demonstrating compliance for the 2014 operating season.

The EPA and RIDEM conducted an inspection of the plant in April 2013. After the inspection, EPA determined that T. Miozzi failed to comply with certain provisions of its air permit. The EPA alleged that T. Miozzi failed to maintain certain records, including records relating to testing of emissions from the company’s rotary drum burner used in making the asphalt and the testing of equipment used to control particulate emissions.

The company’s air permit contains provisions designed to limit the emissions of particulate matter, fugitive dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide.

The EPA says T. Miozzi worked quickly to correct the violations, and cooperated with EPA in reaching a settlement.

In addition to producing asphalt, T. Miozzi Inc. also provides construction, asphalt reclamation, micro mill, fine grading and asphalt paving services, according to its website.