Doppstadt introduces new compact shredder

AK310 EcoPower has increased drop height and efficient engine.

November 2, 2017
Waste Today Staff

Doppstadt, with U.S. offices in Rockville, Maryland, describes its new Doppstadt AK 310 EcoPower shredder as “at home everywhere.” It processes preshredded trunks, roots and waste wood just as reliably as green waste or organic waste, and is great for substrate processing for turnips, potatoes and dung and can be used at the recycling yard, compost plant or for agricultural contracting.

The machine is a compact, versatile shredder weighing 16 metric ton that is designed for on-road use and can be transported to a job site by truck, says the company. On-site, it can be moved around by wheel loader. The machine is fed by wheel loader, excavator or the front loader on the tractor.

Its new rear conveyor has increased the shredder's drop height to 3.5 meters (11.4 feet), enabling it to produce bigger piles of processed material, or fill feed hoppers, much more easily. This shredder can be used together with other combined Doppstadt machines to create application-specific solutions: For waste wood processing, it can be combined with a Doppstadt screening machine to transfer the material straight to its hopper, or work as a supplementary shredder after a Doppstadt single-shaft shredder, to perform the necessary fine processing.

Efficient, environmental protection regulation-compliant engine technology is standard at Doppstadt, the company says. That's also true for the AK 310 EcoPower, the smallest mobile shredder in the Doppstadt AK range.

This compact all-rounder, which replaces its predecessor model, the AK 235 Profi, meets the legally required Euromot Stage IV final emission requirements. A 3A motor variant is also available for new markets. The AK 310 EcoPower not only works in an environmentally friendly way, but also produces more output than its predecessor, the company says. The MTU 6R1000 310 HP diesel engine produces more torque, with constant driving power, while using relatively small amounts of fuel. The machine's drive train and engine have been designed to achieve more throughput, to suit the new types of work it is intended for.

Doppstadt can provide a rear basket option for waste wood shredding applications, a feature which improves the uniformity of the end product, says the company. Excess lengths are reduced, while material structure is improved. The basket is resistant to contaminants and protects the rear conveyor. Contaminants can no longer impact it directly. This also minimizes the risk of return belt block-ages. The waste wood rear basket is available with different mesh sizes.