Video of demolition in Tennessee causes safety investigation

The state Occupational Health and Safety Administration opened the investigation after a video showed unsafe demolition practices.

June 9, 2017
CDR Staff
Demolition Legislation & Regulations
A video of a demolition caused state regulators to open an investigation, a report by NewsChannel 5 Network says. The video showed unsafe demolition practices during the tear down of an 11-story building in Nashville, Tennessee.

The video, shot by an employee of a nearby medical office building, shows a demolition crew member in an excavator knocking down key support beams and quickly maneuvering away as the building crumbled toward him or her, according to the report.

After NewsChannel 5 shared the video, the Tennessee Occupational Health and Safety Administration (TOSHA) opened an official investigation. An employee with the demolition contractor who worked on the building, Tiny’s Demolition of Nashville, said the method was called “tripping” and is a safe practice to bring down a building without using explosives.

The employee also claimed TOSHA closed its investigation after finding no violations, but the state told NewsChannel 5 that the investigation is still open. Watch the video that caused the investigation here.