Crews have difficulty bringing down Ohio bridge

Crews have difficulty bringing down Ohio bridge

First implosion attempt did not fully collapse Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in Warren County.

April 25, 2017
CDR Staff

A planned April 23 implosion of the old Jeremiah Morrow Bridge in Oregonia, Ohio, did not go off as it was supposed to.

According to WCPO Cincinnati, at around 7 a.m. technicians detonated blasts on a remaining span of the bridge, which had been there since 1964, but one section remained standing and another section only partially collapsed.

According to reports, a blast connection came loose during the initial implosion, stopping the entire sequence, similar to how Christmas lights work. Crews had to check the connections to find which was loose. Even after a second try, where to detonations were done simultaneously, the partially standing section was stubborn and still did not come down. The Ohio Department of Transportation decided to use other methods to bring the remaining section down.

The bridge's pilings will be demolished manually in the summer. The $88.1 million replacement bridge opened in November.