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July 5, 2001


Excel Manufacturing has announced the Signature Series wide-box, high-production baler. The Signature Series is designed to handle materials such as scrap paper, nonferrous scrap and solid waste.

 The baler also has the option of an 11-inch or 12-inch main cylinder with 150 or 300 horsepower. The unit has production levels of up to 24 tons per hour of OCC and up to 40 tons per hour of ONP. The unit can also run efficiently without an operator by measuring the exact ram position, calculating the bale size as it is being made, and pre-metering the flow of material into the compression chamber.


Rad/Comm Systems Corp. has introduced the Cricket, a grapple-mounted radiation detection system designed to scan grapple loads for radioactive content. The Cricket is designed to be mounted directly to the grab, which allows the detectors to be closer to the scrap loads during scanning. The system also scans continuously. The combined proximity and longer scanning time are touted as advantages by Rad/Comm. Systems Corp.


Harris Press & Shear has introduced the Side-Squeeze Baler/Logger Shear. The Harris 500 B/L weighs about 90 tons and has a baling force of 215 tons. The shear can process up to 30 bales per hour and is geared toward small scrap processing facilities. The machines are priced at competitive prices, says Harris vice president Doug Sebastian.


SEEC Inc. has introduced Full Bottom Discharge Container Bags, reusable bags with capacities of up to 350 cubic feet and 10 metric tons. An operable bottom allows the bag to discharge through a full circumference size opening. Two side-mounted, quick-release metal latches initiate the container.

   The bags were developed to transport high-density concentrates that cake, compact, freeze and bridge. The  units can also transport aggregates, recyclables and solid waste. They can be lifted with cranes, forklifts or front-end loaders.