Features - Equipment Maintenance

December 3, 2008

Bell Labs
Keeping track of bait placements just got easier for technicians with new bar code labels applied to Bell Laboratories’ rat-sized tamper-resistant bait stations and the Trapper 24/7 Multiple Catch Mouse Trap, the company said.
The sequentially numbered bar codes will appear on the inside lid of the Protecta LP, Sidekick, Sidewinder, Landscape and Protecta bait stations, and inside the Trapper 24/7. Applied with an all-weather permanent adhesive, the bar code label will be positioned in a standard location on each station shipped from Bell’s manufacturing facility starting in October.

The bar code is compatible with handheld scanners that a growing number of technicians use to input service information for each bait station. Bell’s bar code labels employ a standardized industry format and are compatible with multiple software platforms.

Steri-Fab Bactericide is a non-toxic spray that can be used to effectively eliminate bed bugs. Available from Nixalite, it is a bactericide, sanitizer, viricide, fungicide, insecticide, deodorant, disinfectant and mildewcide all in one easy-to-use spray, the company said. It can be sprayed on almost any surface without fear of staining or odors. After Steri-Fab dries (15 to 20 minutes at room temperature) it is no longer active; it becomes inert, the company said.

Steri-Fab requires no mixing, will not stain most surfaces and kills many insects — including bed bugs, roaches, mites and fleas — on contact, the company said.

Waterbury Companies
Waterbury Companies has launched two environmentally friendly products to treat and maintain drain lines: Microbemax Volumetric Drain Foam and Microbemax Continuous Cleaning System.

Both products work in a process called bioremediation — the use of naturally occurring microbes to digest waste and convert it into harmless substances. With the application, microbes multiply as they feed and consume fats, oils, grease (FOG). When the substance is gone, the numbers of microbes return to their normal level. Bioremediation is nature’s way of removing problem organic substance and materials.

Microbemax Volumetric Drain Foam (VDF) contains multiple strains of naturally occurring bacteria that digest FOG build up, and applies easily into drain lines, the company said. One 20-ounce can of the VDF replaces seven gallons of finished product, making the treatment easy on applicators, the company said.

The Microbemax Continuous Cleaning System (CSS), pictured, includes a cartridge also containing multiple strains of naturally occurring bacteria and a dispenser. CCS taps into drain lines, and treats the drain every 15 minutes. Each 30-day refill dispenses approximately five gallons of finished product with no programming required, replacing quarterly maintenance services.

The most common method for roaches, rodents, snakes, spiders, scorpions and lizards to enter the home is through weep holes, the company said. Weep holes on masonry wall construction, while necessary to vent moisture, are an open door to a home or building for pests. Once inside they can chew on wires, eat food and spread disease like Salmonella or Lyme disease.
Tamlyn weep hole covers are adjustable, and can be cut to fit, which allows pest management professionals to use them in many different construction styles.  They help maintain good indoor air quality objectives accepted by the U.S. EPA while still allowing weep holes to drain/vent. They can be easily removed if cleaning is necessary to remove debris, the company said.
The covers help naturally pest proof a home/building without pesticides. Clear caulk may be used on sides and at top and bottom of installed part to really set the covers in place.

Outdoor Solutions
The patented XMOSQUITO misting system is a complete mosquito, fly and gnat control solution that’s affordable, attractive and unique, the company said. Our patented Dusk Dawn technology reacts to changing sunlight to automatically attack insects when they’re most active. Customized for virtually any outdoor area, the XMOSQUITO system is an excellent add-on service for existing customers or a great way to win new business, the company said.
Outdoor Solutions offers a family of products developed through years of research and development by experienced scientists, chemists and entomologists. We offer a portable unit, both single- and dual-zone tank units and a tank-less misting system to fit a variety of customer needs. All are backed by a national sales and support system.

Global Material Technologies
Stop infestation before it begins with Xcluder Rodent and Pest Control permanent fill fabric. Made with patented stainless steel and polyfiber technology, Xcluder quickly fills entrance cracks, holes, gaps and crevices at half the cost of copper mesh, the company said. It provides a rust-proof, shrink-proof and chew-proof solution to keeping rodents out of facilities. Since it is non-FIFRA regulated, no special certification is needed for installation. Xcluder has been proven as an effective barrier by the USDA Wildlife Research Center.

Hotels and other multi-unit facilities battling bed bugs now have an effective, chemical-free alternative with the ThermEx Heat Remediation Solution developed by Chromalox and Massey Services.

Research shows that heat is more effective than traditional pest management approaches in eliminating bed bugs, because they hide in cracks and crevices and do not come in contact with residual products. However, bed bugs are vulnerable to high temperatures sustained over a short period of time, the company said.

ThermEx Heat Remediation Solution includes a Chromalox custom heating unit and comprehensive technical training by Massey Services. The Chromalox unit heats the room to targeted temperature range, which kills bed bugs at all stages of development — egg, larvae, pupae and adult, the company said. A patent application is pending for the Chromalox unit.

Rockwell Labs Ltd
Rockwell Labs Ltd., has released the first product in its new imidacloprid-based line of products: InVict Gold Cockroach Gel. It is formulated for rapid control of roaches. The bait matrix contains 11 attractants, and is different from other available cockroach baits, to combat bait aversion and maximize control. Bait rotation with different formulation types is important to combat bait aversion and poor control results. InVict is well-accepted by both “normal” and “bait averse” cockroaches providing fast results, according to manufacturer Rockwell Labs Ltd.

The formulation is convenient to use and has excellent consistency – it doesn’t run in the hottest weather, yet it is still easy to dispense in cold weather, the company said. InVict Gold Cockroach Gel comes packaged in boxes of five 35-gram syringes.

Whitmire Micro-Gen
Whitmire Micro-Gen has launched its updated Product Catalog – Volume 5. The catalog provides information, labels, MSDS and charts on Whitmire Micro-Gen’s line of general insect and termite control products. In addition to detailed product information, the catalog outlines Whitmire Micro-Gen’s Prescription Treatment pest management approach and provides insight into the company’s pest management professional education and training efforts.

The Product Catalog includes details about several key new products introduced by Whitmire Micro-Gen in the past year. Those products include Allure MD mating disruption system for stored product moths, Crack & Crevice III bed bug and spider killer, PermaCap CS Controlled Release Permethrin, Reveal Termite Monitoring System, Vector Eclipse Fly Trap and MotherEarth Granular Scatter Bait.