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April 13, 2005

Whitmire Micro-Gen


Whitmire Micro-Gen announced that Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait is now EPA registered for use in food-handling areas. (As of press time, a food-handling label was pending in New York, California and Hawaii.) Avert Dry Flowable offers these benefits:

• EPA registered for food-handling areas. Controls both bait-averse and non-bait-averse cockroaches.

• Penetrates cracks, crevices and voids where cockroaches live, breed and hide. Delivers the bait deep into cockroach harborages, where gels and stations cannot reach.

• Long-lasting bait can remain effective for more than a year after application — reducing labor costs while controlling cockroaches quickly.

• Delivers Pick-n-Preen effect — a lethal dose of Avert can adhere to roaches when they crawl through powder. Whether roaches choose to consume it or not, it kills them when they groom.

• Controls immature cockroaches in harborages through the transfer effect.

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Bell Laboratories


Bell Laboratories recently introduced Talpirid, the first and only mole bait specifically developed and scientifically proven to kill moles, the company says. Talpirid is the same size, shape and feel as an earthworm — a mole’s natural food source. Proven to kill within 24 hours, each Talpirid worm contains enough bromethalin to kill a mole. Talpirid also contains special enhancers that ensure bait attraction and consumption, the company adds. Talpirid worms release freely from the storage tray for immediate placement and will not cause harm to lawns and foliage or leave soil residue.

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Nixalite introduces K-Net HT Bird Netting, a knotted, ¾-inch square mesh, UV-protected polyethylene bird net that is now stronger, lighter and more flame resistant, according to the company. Each piece of netting is pre-stretched and all knots are seam set to prevent slippage. K-Net HT has a knotted breaking strength of 75 pounds and is abrasion resistant.

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VARMITgetter manufactures a pest control device that deals specifically with burrowing animals . The VARMITgetter operates with a propane and oxygen mix injected into the burrow and upon ignition, causes an underground explosion which destroys the targeted pest and tunnel system. However, unlike past technology, VARMITgetter is not a hand-held unit. The operator does not hold the applicator when producing the blast and can be up to 25 feet away from the blast site. The gas, a calibrated mixture of 98 percent oxygen and 2 percent propane, is dispersed into the tunnel system. It is remote detonated to ensure the operator does not get "fragmented." It is smaller and better balanced making it more portable to move from burrow to burrow and easier to use on gophers, voles, mole, etc., and it is able to create larger holes for use on pests such as prairie dogs, ground squirrels, etc.

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Sparrow-Free Magic Halo from Bird-X is a wire hoop with hanging monofilaments that attaches to the top of a bird feeder. It keeps sparrows away without bothering other birds because, according to Bird-X, studies have shown that sparrows will not fly under the wires. This will allow more desirable birds better access to the feeder and more food. The Sparrow-Free Magic Halo is zinc-plated, powder-coated, steel, weighs less than 2 pounds and has a 30-inch circumference. Ideal for pest management professionals offering add-on services.

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UPMA Labs introduces the "Build Your IPM Tool Kit Program" for general pests, termites, rodents and other public health pests. PCOs and institutions can purchase complete packages or pick and choose a menu of tools and build their own kits based on their needs. Popular tools include inspection mirrors, borescopes, moisture meters, UV lights, aspirators, magnifiers and microscopes, reference manuals, training CDs and more.

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JT Eaton’s Answer boric acid insecticidal dust is a product that works to control cockroaches and other crawling insects such as fleas, ticks, palmetto bugs, ants and silverfish. It can be used as a mop-water solution or it can be "dusted" in areas. Insects ingest the dust when they groom.

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