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Attachment rental can offer cost-effective solutions for specialty demolition jobs.

November 8, 2012
Jon M. Casey

In the demolition and environmental industries, contractors routinely take jobs that require specialized equipment that they may not have in their company fleet. With bid in hand, they set out to take down a structure that sometimes became more than they bargained for. It was because of situations such as these that Peter E. Menner, founder and president of New Millennium Rentals Inc. of Florida, N.Y., began renting specialized heavy equipment.

“We began as a specialized attachment rental company in 1999,” says Menner. “We wanted to be able to offer customers the kinds of equipment that they might not own for themselves but would need to fulfill a contract. I could see the need for a business like this, so I prepared a business plan that featured the business model that we work under today. It wasn’t long before we were serving customers, providing them with shears, concrete processors and specialized attachments for demolition environmental, and recycling industries.”

Menner says that he realized the need for this kind of company during the nearly 10 years he spent as a territory manager for an equipment dealer in southern New York. “There was always a shortage of out-of-the-ordinary attachments,” he says. “We were able to provide buckets machines, but if a customer was looking for a shear or a hammer, we were not able to provide that unit and attachment combination. I set out to offer the unusual equipment through New Millennium Rentals. Today, a contractor can rent a specialty piece like our Lemac 85-foot high-reach demolition excavator, if they are looking to take down concrete and steel with precision.”

Volvo Expects Growth in Equipment Rentals

Volvo Rents has opened its newest equipment rental center in Cleveland. The decision to open a new office in Cleveland follows what the company says is forecasted growth in the equipment rental industry, as well as an increase in construction spending in Northeastern Ohio.

According to Volvo, recent data from the American Rental Association (ARA) shows that overall North American equipment rental industry revenue is expected to increase at least 6.9 percent to $33.5 billion in 2012. Further, the ARA forecasts annual growth in rental revenue to reach $53.1 billion by 2016.

The Cleveland office is the fifth in Ohio for the company. Presently Volvo Rents operates Ohio locations in Columbus, Dayton, Hamilton and Zanesville.

“As the recession abates, the construction equipment rental industry is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries in North America, as more people are choosing to rent rather than commit to capital expenditures,” says Mike Crouch, vice president of business development for Volvo Rents. “Our strong brand recognition, coupled with the growing demand for construction equipment rental, allows us to look to the future with great enthusiasm.”

Volvo Rents operates 120 rental stores in North America. The company operates a network of company-owned rental stores and franchised rental stores.

Tools for the job
“Unlike many rental companies, we are not looking for the general equipment rental customer,” he adds. “We are here to help the contractor who understands the importance of the correct tool for the job with our kind of specialty equipment. We emphasize the importance of renting our equipment as complete units, with the carrier and attachment all coming together as one item. We do not rent attachments by themselves. 

“As most demo and environmental contractors realize, it is important not to cross-contaminate the hydraulic fluids from one unit to another,” he says. “In this way, we maintain our systems on a regular basis, keeping the equipment operating safely and reliably. We change the hydraulic fluid every 1,000 hours for optimum service. Additionally, with this procedure in place, the tools are always properly matched to their carriers.”

New Millennium Rentals, Inc. currently offers Link-Belt Excavators, Genesis Attachments and Toku Breaker, Geith and Lemac brands. They offer carriers in the sizes that most contractors regularly use. By offering customers the many options that they do, contractors are not limited to the jobs that they can take on, when it comes to equipment capabilities.

“I can give a customer the attachment and the carrier that is just right for that job,” Menner says. “With our experience, we are an excellent resource for our customers.”

Win-win situation

“We are always looking for new kinds of specialty attachments to add to our fleet,” he says. “If a contractor has a need for an item that we don’t currently have available, we are willing to consider adding it to our line of equipment. We have testing procedures in place to confirm that new product performs as advertised. If they don’t, we do not offer them as part of our rental service. We want a win-win situation for our customers and ourselves as well.”

Currently, New Millennium Rentals, Inc. serves the entire United States and Canada, with much of its business taking place in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. “We rent and sell equipment to businesses across the nation including the Tennessee Valley Power Authority and others. Our flexibility in adding new items to our inventory gives us a reputation for service that is second to none. If a customer’s commitment warrants a move of that kind, we will work with them to provide them with the equipment that they need. That is often the way we acquire new systems to offer clients on future jobs. If we can make the numbers work, we will take on new specialty equipment as needed.”


The article was submitted on behalf of New Millennium Rentals Inc., Florida, N.Y. Peter Menner can be reached at