Caterpillar introduces third model in line of material handlers

Cat MH3037 features patented ground entry and exit.

April 8, 2014
Recycling Today Staff
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Cat MH3037

The new Cat MH3037 is the third member of the new wheeled material handler line that Peoria-based Caterpillar has introduced in the greater-than-25-ton size class. The new Cat material handlers are purpose-built to work productively and durably in industrial, scrap recycling, millyard and waterway applications, while affording maximum protection and convenience for the operator, the company says. A patented “ground entry and exit” with a step-in cab that lowers to the front or the side of the machine is designed to enhance convenience and safety for operators and service personnel.

The MH3037 has an operating weight of 82,900 pounds and is powered by the Cat ACERT C7 engine featuring an electronically controlled, mechanically actuated, unit-injector fuel system that uses multiple-injection fuel delivery for optimum power and economy in all operating situations. The MH3037 configuration is rated at 225 horsepower.

High-strength structural steel and advanced welding techniques were used to add structural integrity. A powerful hydraulic system provides rapid response with efficiency, and new serviceability features simplify maintenance, Caterpillar adds. These design elements combine to provide what the company says is low-cost operation and maximum value for MH3037 owners.

Major structures use continuous welds that incorporate extensive chamfering and beveling to reduce stress concentration. Booms and sticks are constructed from single-piece top and side plates to eliminate the need for seams and internal baffles. The upper frame is designed specifically to dissipate loads transferred through the front linkage and counterweight, and the lower frame has a tapered design to evenly distribute loads and reduces stress. Oversized pins and bushings are used to strengthen pivot points. Along with a 29-foot boom, the MH3037 can be equipped with a short 19-foot-8-inch or long 23-foot-6-inch front configuration to best fit the application.

Using a closed-center, one-pump, load-sensing implement hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic pilot control, the hydraulic pump generates only as much oil flow and pressure as required for the application, yielding powerful, rapid response and fuel-saving efficiency. To further enhance overall hydraulic power and efficiency, the machine regenerates boom-down oil flow, reducing the volume of oil the pump must produce.

Reflecting the precise hydraulic design, the MH3037 divides hydraulic functions between the upper and lower main control valves, with the upper valve managing the boom, stick, work tools, cab riser and cooling circuits, and the lower valve controlling travel, steering and outriggers. This provides optimal flow management to allow multiple machine functions to operate at the same time without compromising performance. An independent, closed-loop swing system maintains swing priority at all times.

The hydraulic oil cooler, air-to-air aftercooler (ATAAC), and engine radiator are all mounted side-by-side to reduce clogging caused by airborne debris and to provide better access for cleaning when necessary. Working with an auto-reversing fan, the cooling system ensures optimum operating temperatures between 140 and 160 F are maintained—which protects oil quality, extends component life and promotes optimum machine performance.

The power train of the MH3037 incorporates limited-slip differentials on both the front and rear axles to provide true all-wheel-drive performance. A variable displacement hydraulic motor coupled with a two-speed transmission provides high- and low-speed travel with creeper speed capability for excellent control due to the infinitely variable travel speed. An oscillating rear axle with oscillation lock provides the capability to work on rough, uneven terrain while maintaining the stability to work free on wheels without outriggers deployed, Caterpillar says.

The hydraulic cab-riser system features patented “ground entry and exit" with a step-in cab, designed to enhance safety for operators and service personnel. The cab height is adjustable up to an eye level of 18 feet. On the MH3037, raise time from ground level to maximum height is approximately 8 seconds; lowering time from maximum height to ground level is 10 seconds. Adjustable sensors control the height of the cab above the ground. Manual safety override valves in the cab and at ground level are designed to enable the cab to be lowered safely in the event of engine power loss. This allows the operator to exit the cab safely.

The MH3037 can be equipped with an optional impact-absorbing falling objects guarding system (FOGS). This includes a top guard to protect the operator from falling debris and a front guard to protect from flying debris in the work area. An adjustable limiter prevents work tool contact with the cab, and load-holding valves on hydraulic cylinders prevent sudden uncontrolled drop of the boom, stick, cab or outriggers in the event of a failed hydraulic hose.

Images from the standard rearview camera are displayed via a high-definition color monitor. A separate monitor displays operating parameters, starting fluid level, machine warnings and activated work functions, which are conveniently controlled with the joysticks. The system allows operators to set functions according to preference and provides maintenance reminders, diagnostic capabilities and out-of-specification alerts.

Joystick controls in lieu of a steering wheel enable operators to experience smoother, faster production and allow better sight lines to the work area. The cab includes a polycarbonate skylight, removable panes and a rear window that serves as an emergency exit.

Durable fiberglass gull-wing panels supported by gas-filled cylinders provide ready access to the routine maintenance points in spacious, lighted compartments. Service panels are located on the top, left and right side of the machine. Handrails and anti-slip surfaces help technicians perform their work safely and efficiently.

The MH3037 comes equipped with PL522 Cat Product Link designed to provide timely, useful information about machine status and utilization.

The MH3037 can handle a variety of work tools, according to Caterpillar. The machine features medium-pressure flow from a separate valve for tool rotation and a high-pressure circuit from the main pump to operate the open/close functions of typical tools, such as orange-peel grapples, clamshells and log grapples. A separate pump is used to provide hydraulic power to operate a generator for an optional scrap magnet. The generator features a patented Cat solid-state magnet controller that eliminates typical maintenance issues and is supported and warranted through Cat dealers.

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