Caterpillar introduces multi-processors

Six new jaw sets have been designed for use with the new processors.

April 15, 2014
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

caterpillar multi-processors equipmentPeoria, Ill.-based Caterpillar Work Tools, a leading provider of excavator and wheel loader attachments, is introducing a new generation of multi-processors (MPs) for Cat hydraulic excavators. The Cat MP318 and MP324 MPs can handle most any demolition job simply by using the basic housing and a choice of up to six available jaw sets, the company says.

The new MP design builds on the success of its predecessor. According to Caterpillar, it features an efficient weight-to-power ratio and an incredibly strong cutting and crushing capability. The rotator provides a continuous 360-degree rotation that allows the operator to carry out the demolition job quickly and precisely from any angle, the company adds.

Each MP can be equipped with a wide selection of interchangeable jaws: concrete cutter (CC), demolition (D), pulverizer (P), shear (S), universal (U) and tank shear (TS). With one common housing and properly selected sets of jaws, a contractor can achieve flexibility with minimum investment and can accomplish most tasks encountered on a demolition job. The various jaws can be quickly installed or changed, thanks to a new patent pending jaw locking system, the company says. Instead of taking about 45 minutes to change the jaws with the previous series, Caterpillar says it now takes 10 minutes using basic tools.

Caterpillar says it has made maintenance easier, too. The new jaws use bolt-on and pin-on wear material to eliminate almost all need to weld the jaws. Protection for hydraulic components and hoses has been increased, and an improved motor guard gives greater motor protection. Caterpillar adds that access to the cylinder has been made easier and the cylinder rod protection has been optimized. To ease servicing, the number of greasing points has been reduced on the multi-processors, and daily maintenance requires only greasing, checking wear and replacing any worn parts.

With the release of the new MPs, six new jaw sets have been designed to take on any demolition job:

  • CC jaw—CC jaws cut and demolish concrete and steel structures precisely. They can cut and crush large pieces of heavily reinforced concrete with densely packed rebar, all at the same time. Further, they are suitable to demolish beams and steel constructions.
  • D jaw—D jaws cut and crush hard concrete, moderate reinforced structures and rebar. The D jaws feature a wide opening and are used mostly for primary demolition, to cut the structure into pieces. 
  • P jaw—P jaws demolish and reduce concrete in a single step, separating rebar from concrete and reducing concrete to small chunks, which are ready to recycle.
  • S jaw—The new S jaw is designed to better cut and reduce the size of metal items commonly found at demolition sites. It features a piercing tip and wear blade in the upper jaw and a cross blade with additional guiding blade in the lower jaw. The straight lower jaw works with the apex of the upper jaw, compressing and flattening the steel before the cut. The straight lower jaw maximizes shear force and creates a more efficient cut.
  • U jaw—U jaws cut reinforced concrete into small manageable chunks for later crushing and separating the rebar. They can be used in both primary and secondary demolition. 
  • TS jaw—TS jaws are used for accurate demolition of plate steel, ships, railway cars, grain, oil and fuel tanks, warehouses, transit sheds and other plate steel storage accommodations. It cuts itself a way through steel by means of stamping out strips, leaving the cut plate flat, easy to stack and transport.
All jaw sets feature easy-to-exchange wear parts, according to the company. Instead of surface welds, the new jaws have more easily replaced wear parts. When they are worn, new parts can be pinned on, on-site—rather than sending the jaw to the shop for cleaning, grinding and rewelding.

The D, CC and P jaws have parts commonality and also use Cat ground engaging tools (GET).

Caterpillar adds that the MPs are fully supported by Cat dealers so that customers can order parts and service for machines and work tools from a single source. Every Cat work tool is supported with a comprehensive range of pre- and after-sales services that include advice on work tool selection, operator training, equipment management and a range of financial and insurance solutions.

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