CARE Honors Carpet Recycling Innovators

Carpet group recognizes success stories at its annual conference.

April 30, 2013
CDR Staff

The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) has recognized leaders in the field of carpet recycling at its 11th Annual Conference, April 24-26 in Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Winning the Person of the Year award was Sean Ragiel, CARE board member and founder of CarpetCycle, a company that salvages carpet and other building materials from customers from Boston to Washington, D.C., prior to remodeling and during the demolition process. Additionally, CarpetCycle recently expanded into Toronto.

During the ceremony, Robert Peoples, executive director of CARE, said, "I can't think of anyone who exhibits more enthusiasm for this industry and entrepreneurial spirit than Sean. He has been one of our staunchest supporters."

Columbia Recyclers, based in Dalton, Georgia, was named CARE Recycler of the Year. "Columbia has been a major factor in carpet recycling for many years. They have been enormously successful, growing their business, expanding their technology and making a big impact of keeping post-consumer carpet out of landfills across the U.S. It is very fitting that they be recognized by their peers with this prestigious award," Peoples said.