Brokk Offers Brokk 260 Demolition Machine

Remote-controlled demolition machine is designed for difficult-to-access areas.

February 15, 2013
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Brokk AB, Monroe, Wash., a manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, has introduced its Brokk 260 demolition machine to North America. The three-ton Brokk 260 was developed to fill what the company says is a much-needed gap between the 1.9-ton Brokk 180 and the 4.8 ton Brokk 400. The addition of the Brokk 260 enhances the company’s line of remote-controlled demolition machines, designed for use in industries such as cement and metal processing, construction and demolition, mining and tunneling, nuclear as well as other specialty applications.

The demolition machine has been designed similar in weight and dimension to the Brokk 250. The Brokk 260 features a host of new technological and design updates to meet greater demands in the industry, according to the company. It also features an improved design for optimized power and capacity, allowing greater precision and performance.

The Brokk 260 has been designed for use with a variety of attachments. The company says that the equipment achieves its best results when paired with Brokk’s SB302 hydraulic breaker, says the company. The combination delivers a maximum reach of 19 feet and provides what the company says is an impressive hitting force. Furthermore, when equipped with the CC520 concrete cutter, the machine delivers a cutting force of 48 tons.

With a compact design, featuring a height of five feet and width of 3.9 feet, the Brokk 260 is able to operate in difficult-to-access areas. Furthermore, the machine is powered by a 29 horsepower electric motor, allowing safe, emissions-free operation for use in small, confined spaces. The portable, lightweight remote control box permits operation from a distance, keeping the operator safe from falling debris and other hazards, the company points out.

The Brokk 260 can be equipped with a variety of attachments, including buckets, crushers, drills, grapples and shears. Recommended maximum weight of attachments is 924 pounds.

In addition to the 260, Brokk offers eight models, ranging in size from the Brokk 50, at 1,100-pounds, up to the Brokk 800, at 11 tons. The company also engineers and builds custom machines with special equipment such as cameras, extended arms, side-angling devices and cable drums.