Best Process Solutions Launches Concept Feeder Line

New line of vibratory feeders is designed to eliminate the transfer of energy to support structures.

February 25, 2013
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Material handling equipment supplier Best Process Solutions Inc. (BPS), based in Cleveland, has launched its new Concept Feeder Line (CFL) of vibratory feeders to solve what the company says are inherent design flaws in vibratory equipment.

Designed for undermill, magnet, eddy current and finder-feeder applications, the CFL line incorporates BPS’ Inertial Isolation System (IIS). The patent-pending IIS is designed to eliminate the transfer of vibratory energy to support structures and buildings.

Recyclers can witness the IIS concept in action on YouTube at

Along with the new feeder line, BPS offers replacement drives for vibratory equipment manufacturers, as well as replacement isolation springs and replacement pans and liners.
Additionally, BPS offers customers engineering assistance, service and spare components for the following equipment:

  • Water injection service and replacement components;
  • Shredder isolation spring components; and
  • Controls system support and replacement components

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