Netherlands C&D recycler chooses Lubo Systems

Netherlands C&D recycler chooses Lubo Systems

Sorting system was a natural progression for BPS Recycling & Bouwstoffen.

July 13, 2017
CDR Staff
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Lubo AWS Screen
Lubo AWS Screen Lubo Systems BV., part of the Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions Group, based in Emmen, The Netherlands, has received an order from BPS Recycling & Bouwstoffen, part of the Janssen Group in Maastricht, the Netherlands, to build a total sorting system for processing construction and demolition (C&D) debris.

BPS says it chose Lubo Systems after thorough research into the installation in part due to Starscreen technology included in the system. The project is expected to be completed by early November 2017.

Lubo is a systems integrator that specialized in C&D debris and commercial and industrial (C&I) scrap. Through years of experience and extensive knowledge of waste sorting, Lubo says it is a leader in air and screening technology, optical sorting, and robotics.

In a market that is increasingly recognizing total costs of ownership, opportunities for Lubo Sytems BV. are rapidly growing, according to Rob van Dalen, general director of Lubo Systems BV.

“Our installations do not always come at the lowest price, but they do have the lowest costs per metric ton of waste,” says van Dalen.

The system at BPS is designed to process C&D debris, skip waste, C&I scrap, precrushed concrete and aggregates and pre-refuse derived fuel (pre-RDF) at rates of 25 tons per hour and 400,000 tons per year.

The infeed area is 650 square meters (7,000 square feet) and separates materials into soil, concrete, inerts, light fractions, wood, nonferrous, hard plastic, cardboard, foil, paper and pre-RDF. The system includes a dosing feeder, a long part separator, the Anti Wrapping Starscreen (AWS) 550 and AWS 330 screens, a stretch deck screen, three wind shifters, an overband magnet, a drum magnet, a sorting cabin and conveying technology.

“We expect that we can build a stable and lasting position in the recycling market through the high purity of the sorted mono-streams. An important part of the decision-making was the versatility of the sorting installation,” says Joshua Janssen, general director BPS. “This allows us to be very flexible in processing multiple waste streams and also to adapt the installation, based on our needs and wishes and therefore also the output of the materials.”

AWS screen is described as a flexible and affordable alternative to drums and slower screens. It combines the advantages of the Starscreen and the drum separator in one model, says Lubo. The design prevents the screen from encountering any wrapping problems, according to Lubo, but has extremely high capacity and aggressive agitation for high purity.

The wind-shifter is used to separate lighter fractions such as wood, film, paper, cardboard and plastic from stones and also to separate high caloric waste (RDF) from wood. Optimal separation results are obtained through the flexible, adjustable air stream. The wind-shifter is a compact machine with low energy consumption, says Lubo.

BPS Recycling & Bouwstoffen is active in the waste recycling, harbour storage and shipment, land banks and trade in building materials. Janssen Group is also active in the ground, road and waterworks engineering, machine rental as well as transport and drive plate rental. The expansion of C&D sorting activities is a logical step.