BossTek extends product warranty

BossTek extends product warranty

The company now has a 5-year or 5,000-hour replacement warranty on the direct drive fan motor of its entire product lineup.

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BossTek, a manufacturer of atomized mist equipment for dust suppression based in Peoria, Illinois, has announced an upgrade to the company’s product warranty. The company has increased its warranty from 3-year/3,000-hours to a 5-year or 5,000-hour replacement warranty on the direct drive fan motor of its entire product line.

“When we follow up with past customers, more often than not, instead of replacing their DustBoss, they’re adding to their fleet as they expand,” BossTek CEO Edwin Peterson says. “With so many of our oldest units still in the field cranking out wide area dust suppression, extending the warranty was an easy decision.  Our product quality hasn’t changed from day one.”

The demand for atomized mist dust suppression technology has increased since air quality inspectors now test for smaller, nonvisible fugitive particle sizes (less than 10 microns in diameter), BossTek says. Previously, industries like demolition contractors, bulk product storage (coal, ash, scrap metal, etc.) and ports have controlled dust by applying surface suppression using water sprayed from hoses, which create droplets from 200 to 1000 microns in size.  But over time, BossTek says, operators have discovered that to control dust emissions, droplet sizes must roughly match the size of airborne particulates.

Available in four sizes depending on the needs of the application, a single DustBoss unit is designed to cover up to 5 American football fields with mist droplets approximately 50 to 200 microns in diameter.  Using an industrial fan in the back of the cannon, engineered droplets are shot from a misting ring on the front in a cone-shaped pattern, reaching up to 100 meters, BossTek says. The coverage area is achieved by using the vertical adjustment and optional 359-degree oscillator. The smallest droplets travel with dust emissions, collide with particles too small to see and drag them to the ground, BossTek says, while the larger droplets deliver surface suppression.

DustBoss units are designed to be a one-touch operation, allowing workers to turn them on and walk away. The maximum amount of water used is 39 gallons per minute (average around 17 gallons per minute), and the fans are guarded against reach-in injury, the company says. 

The cannons can be mounted on a tower, steel skid or wheeled frame.  They can also be purchased as Fusion units that feature an enclosed tank and generator set on a trailer for applications that lack easy access to water and power or require portability. The direct drive motor in those designs is also covered under the new parts warranty.

“This warranty demonstrates commitment to our customers,” Peterson says. “When they revisit their dust control plans in the face of changing regulations, we want them to be confident that they are getting the highest quality product on the market, with the best return on investment.”