Bandit broadens interaction with blog, updated website

Chipper manufacturer’s expanded website features include real-time social media updates and interactivity.

August 14, 2014
CDR Staff
Equipment & Products

Bandit Industries, Remus, Michigan, has updated it website to include a new blog and features feeds from the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Bandit’s website,, now offers visitors the ability to see live social media updates, as well as to interact directly with the company. The chipper manufacturer says the website improvements will help Bandit to maintain relationships with customers and to provide them with real-time company updates.

“Since Bandit started, we’ve been proud of the close relationships built and maintained with our customers,” says Christopher Smith, marketing and communications director for Bandit Industries. “In our early years, customer feedback helped to guide our product line, and that has never changed. We still work closely with customers to not just build better equipment, but build the custom equipment they ask for. Social media is a great way to foster relationships even further, and that’s exactly why we are proud to take this next step forward.”

Bandit’s new live blog will be updated regularly with content that readers can comment on, the company says. Blog topics will vary, ranging from equipment tips, community events and sponsorships such as NASCAR, to a look inside Bandit machines and the people who make and buy them.  

Along with live feeds from Facebook and Twitter, Bandit has expanded its presence on LinkedIn with articles of business interest as well as a Pinterest page.

In addition to access to Bandit’s social media pages, the company offers a new video series on YouTube titled, “Two-Minute Demo” that allows viewers to watch Bandit machines in action.

“Since the very first chipper, Bandit has engaged customers in a discussion about the machines they use in the industries they love,” said Smith. “Social media is a great way to broaden that conversation to share more ideas and include more points of view. For a worldwide company that thrives on the words and wishes of its customers, these types of communication tools are simply extensions of who we are. Bandit and its employees are excited to broaden that level of communication to its fullest.”