Baltimore contractors knock down wrong building during demolition

Baltimore contractors knock down wrong building during demolition

The brick wall of a rowhouse undergoing emergency demolition fell on the roof of the adjacent building.

May 23, 2017
CDR Staff
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Baltimore city contractors accidentally knocked down an adjacent building during an emergency demolition on May 21, a report by The Baltimore Sun says. The property that was supposed to be demolished shared a wall with the neighboring rowhouse.

City inspectors said the three-story building originally slated for demolition was unstable after several residential complaints about a bowing exterior wall and a crack between the two rowhouses. The Baltimore City Department of Housing condemned the building on May 20 and called for emergency demolition. The property was owned and being redeveloped by TD Development, Baltimore.

TD Development owner Tyler Banks told The Baltimore Sun that work on his redevelopment project was being done to code and was working with the city to determine why the building was deemed unstable. He had the demolished property listed on his website May 22 with plans for a four bedroom, four and a half bathroom makeover.

During demolition by K&K Adams of Baltimore, a brick wall from third story fell onto the roof of the neighboring rowhouse, a former pet shop called Laundry Mutt that was set for redevelopment by another owner. City officials then condemned the accidentally demolished building.

Joseph Rene, property owner of the former Laundry Mutt, was present during the demolition and told The Baltimore Sun he will rebuild on the property. Originally, Rene planned to turn the property into a three-level, single-family home. He claims he was never notified of plans to demolish the neighboring building.

No one was injured during the accident. Watch a video recorded by a neighbor of the incident below: