Automatic Load Cover founder retires

John Birden founded the automatic covering systems business in 2000.

October 4, 2017
Recycling Today Staff
Equipment & Products Mixed C&D

Roll-Rite LLC, Gladwin, Michigan, has announced John Birden, founder of Automatic Load Cover LLC (ALC), Torrington, Connecticut, retired effective Sept. 22, 2017. 

Starting the business in 2000, he created and built a manufacturing company serving the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry in New England. The company credits Birden with designing its automated covering systems serving the waste, recycling, scrap, municipal and construction markets. 

“John’s time with Roll-Rite has been assisting with integration of ALC into Roll-Rite including the transfer of product knowledge and people development within the Torrington facility,” Brad Templeman, Roll-Rite CEO, says. “While these are big shoes to fill, I along with our Roll-Rite teams across the U.S. wish John and his wife, Debbie, the best in their next journey.”

Roll-Rite acquired ALC April 29, 2016. The Torrington facility serves as a Roll-Rite location servicing its northeastern U.S. truck and trailer tarp customers in the construction and demolition, solid waste and recycling and municipal markets.